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Celtic Twilight

This blend is something a Krys a Polish Poet, smokes on a regular basis. He leans towards, dark heavy plugs and flakes. This is no different, about 60% Mick Mcquaid Plug & 40% Kendals Dark Plug. Both plugs had been shredded into small chunks. The mixture smells as you would expect, dark and nutty. I have to honest and say I have never smoked a plug before. So with a few more gulps of beer, I grabbed the largest bowl I had.

Blended in : England & Ireland
Contains : Virginia, Malawi and fire cured Indian
Cased/Top : None
Pipe : Parker Bruyere 01

I broke half of it up small and left the rest in chunks. Following advice I packed loosely, the smaller parts mainly at the top. With a few vestas I was in business. Oh boy that hit me, a very strong and rich tobacco. With only a few sips, I had a mouth full of cool and smooth smoke. Such a rich flavours; nutty, earthy and cigar like. The nicotine count was very high, combined with more beer and whisky made for a great end to the night. The tobacco stayed the same from match to ash, such a robust smoke. This wasn’t an issue either, as it tastes soo damn good.
Everyone who tried some, really enjoyed this blend. So I will be stocking it in the shop, very soon. We now needed a name for the blend. After a few bad ideas, we hit on naming it after its Irish History. Mick McQuaid Plug is a great example of a strong Irish plug. The Kendal plug is made in the same style but with more fire cure leaf. In the end we settled on Celtic Twilight. Another blend is born! Thanks to Krys for this one.

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